votania (votania) wrote in templeravenmoon,


fill catfood bowl in my/votanias bathroom
hug marxdarx
hug my little angel
hug shammash
hug [Bad username: eris raven]
straighten living room
move computer chair from jewelry desk back to living room and put cheezy chair in bedroom
sometime next week, maybe next thursday, maybe saturday...who knows move furniture and rearrange temple
give Viking bags of clothes that are packed up in closet
eat breakfast,lunch, dinner instead of skipping meals *this one's directed at marxdarx*
check my little angel for chicken pox marks every day for at least the next week
ordinary chores, like sweep, mop, vaccuum, dust, dishes etc. *of course most of this part of the list is already done*
dig out recipe for lemon m. pie... then make pie before the lemons go bad
clean votania bathroom
experiment more with HTML :)

that's all I can think of for now... glad to see the temple looking so good :) I think the board system we've started ROCKS! It's working like a charm.

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